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Our Products

Our diverse range of products are curated to transform your cooking experience while prioritizing your safety, sustainability, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. 


Discover innovation and safety with our clean cooking stoves. Crafted for a superior cooking experience and your well-being, our EcoFuel Stove ensures precision and safety for households, while EcoGel Stoves offer versatile options for home and industrial use. Explore detailed descriptions, features, and specifications to find your perfect kitchen companion.


Transform your cooking with EcoGel and EcoFuel – clean bioethanol fuels crafted from raw materials like cashew fruit, pineapple, sugarcane. EcoGel in gel form and EcoFuel in liquid offer efficient, eco-friendly options for a superior culinary experience

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Explore our innovative biofuels, setting new standards in sustainable energy production. We take pride in crafting eco-friendly fuels that not only reduce carbon emissions but also offer unique advantages. Dive into the composition and environmental benefits of our biofuels to better understand the ecoconscious choices available to you.


EcoGel, a hallmark of our innovative product lineup, represents a breakthrough in clean cooking fuel technology. Crafted with meticulous precision, it offers numerous advantages that underscore its exceptional quality and environmental responsibility:

✔ Gelled and designed to burn longer and safely.

✔ Clean and safe combustion, non-explosive, and cost-effective.

✔ Contributes to reduced emissions, cleaner air, and has insect repellant properties.


EcoFuel, our liquid evaporative bio-ethanol fuel, epitomizes our commitment to cutting-edge, eco-friendly energy solutions. Delve into the remarkable attributes that set EcoFuel apart:

✔ Innovative capillary action when used with specially designed stove.

✔ Efficient and versatile, suitable for both household and industrial cooking.

✔ Contributes to cleaner air, waste reduction, and is a sustainable energy source.


Investing in our fuels means embracing a world of benefits that extend far beyond cooking:

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